fire and smoke damage restoration

Water Damage Mitigation

Integrity Restoration Services are the Experts in Commercial Water Damage Mitigation & Restoration Services

fire and smoke damage restoration

Reconstruction Services

We as Professional Construction Company provide services for Businesses and Commercial Properties

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Why Choose Integrity Restoration?

Integrity Restoration’s workers have over 30 years of experience in the restoration/mitigation industry. Over my career I’ve watched the insurance industry get more carried away with vendor programs that help them control the costs, quality, and workmanship of companies like mine and therefore the total end product of your home or business. These programs are sold to the end user, but I wanted to do something different. My commitment to my homeowners is to always do the right thing for you and the property. We are committed to following the industry standards despite what the carrier wants. This company is not a vendor for anyone, but we will work with everyone.  To be clear, you the customer is who we work for, not the carriers!

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Our around the clock response provides expert management, skilled manpower, cutting-edge technology, organizational expertise and innovative capabilities required to handle all aspects of a catastrophic event, manmade or natural.

fire and smoke damage restoration

Water Damage

Experts In Commercial Water Damage Mitigation & Restoration Services

fire and smoke damage restoration

Fire & Smoke Damage

Professional Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Company

fire and smoke damage restoration

Disaster Response

Property damages or loss of a business? 24-Hour Emergency Response Crews Are Ready

disaster response technician


Professional Construction Company For Businesses and Commercial Properties

disaster response technician

Speciality Services

Commercial Air Duct & HVAC Services, Emergency Power Generation, Commercial Cleaning Services, and much more

disaster response

Turnkey Solutions

For over twenty years, we have helped business leaders restore, rebuild, and maintain their commercial properties after a disaster.


Integrity Restoration provides turnkey solutions for fire and smoke damage recovery, disaster emergency response, construction services, and other specialty services. We are available 24/7, contact us now!

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